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A 16 card set printed on heavy double-sided glossy card stock. Your favorite Luft Art pictures are on the front, and the back side has a table of information and a 3-view drawing.
Only  $9.95  per Set!

The sample card above does not do justice to the finished product.
Size of the cards are 3.5 x 2.5 inches (89 x 64 mm) and have smooth cut edges
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All cards are numbered and come in a plastic hinged case to keep the cards safe and in excellent condition.

This card set is Series 1 - which means more will follow if these are successful.

And as an added bonus, one card in the set will show a beautiful piece of Luft Art that has never been seen before!

The image to the left is slightly
larger than actual size....

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1-4 card sets:      $9.95 each
5-10 card sets:    $8.45 each
11-20 card sets:  $6.95 each
21 + card sets:    $5.95 each


Modeling Madness says : "Now here is something really interesting and a great idea. Luft '46 Collector's Cards. The folks at Luft '46 have come up with a neat set of superbly printed cards"  The entire review can be read here .

People who have already received their cards say:
"Set #1 of Luft '46's Collector Cards set is a wonderful product for all Luft '46 and "Concept Aircraft" enthusiasts.  The art is, of course, superb, and the backside data provides all the "vital statistics" one needs to appreciate the project in question."  AU

"Great stuff! Outstanding! It's a winner."  OS

"Got them yesterday, and you've got a winner on your hands! Pictures are clear, paper is sturdy enough for handling, and data w/3 view drawing is great!  Size is great for collecting" DV

"Got the cards today.  Beatiful sheets of very high quality cards.  Seems like someone would have come out with these cards before, but it took a guy like you to make them a reality"  IH

"Well done, professional quality.  Look forward to additional sets."   BW

"I am really pleased with them and look forward to the rest of the series."  MS

"the cards are GREAT!! I can't wait until the next set is ready.Keep up the good work"  NP

"I got one set today, and am impressed with the quality and pleased with the choices, the images, the detail"  JB

"The package is impressive and professional. Not only are the cards of high quality material and reproduction, thay come in a handy plastic holder. The variety of artwork is impressive, as are the types of plane represented, and to cap it all the tech specs on the back bring authenticity to the subject of each card."  GD

"Crisp artwork, very nicely done."  GM

"Just received a few of the sets of limited edition cards from Luft '46. Awesome job!
I was expecting them to be nice but was really impressed. This is not a commercial for Dan or anything. They come in a clear plastic clipped boxes and the art looks very impressive and the back of the cards have description, data and a three-view, which is small but shows a lot of detail.
Like I said before, I was impressed, very professional looking. "