WWII German Aircraft Projects List
Arado Blohm & Voss BMW Daimler Benz Dornier Focke-Wulf Gotha
Heinkel Henschel Horten Junkers Lippisch Messerschmitt Various
This is an attempt to catalog every WWII German aircraft project undertaken from 1933-1945. If the Project listing is highlighted, click on the link to go to the Luft '46 entry on that aircraft project. If there are LuftArt images, the artist's name is listed along with a link to view that art.
Note: sometimes a project will have seperate listings for each project admendment (i.e. Bv P.188.01-Bv P.188.04) and sometimes one number will include all admendments (i.e. Ar E.555 is listed once, but there are actually over 10 sub-projects). This was done to accommodate the Luft '46 entries already on the website. Please write to djohnson@visi.net if there are questions.  

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Please note that at this time only Arado - Dornier are completed.

Note:  Arado used the prefix 'E' for Entwurf (design) for their project designations
Project LuftArt Notes
E.240   Arado Ar 240 development project
E.300   Anti-submarine project (Ar 231 development)
E.310   Multi-role carrier project
E.340 Andreas Otte 1939 "Bomber B" project submission
E.370   Ar 234 development project
E.371   Ar 234 development project
E.375   Fast bomber project
E.377   Mistel lower component project
E.377a  Gino Marcomini Mistel (jet powered) lower component project
E.380   Ar 196 floatplane w/folding wings project
E.381/I  Gino Marcomini Rocket parasite fighter project
E.381/II  Andreas Otte Rocket parasite fighter project
E.381/III   Rocket parasite fighter project
E.385   Fast bomber project
E.390   Airliner project
E.395   Ar 234F development project
E.396   Ar 396 development project
E.401   Ar 232 float version project
E.430   Flying boat airliner project
Transport project
E.433   Ar 232 composite construction project
E.440   Powered glider project
E.441   Transport project
E.470   Transport/bomber project
E.480   Mixed propulsion fighter project (Ar 655 development)
E.490   Fighter project
E.500   Heavy fighter project
E.530   Fast bomber project
Transport project
E.555   Jet bomber project
E.560   Jet bomber project
E.561   Heavy fighter project
E.580   1944 "Volksjäger" project submission
E.581.4 Richard Mendes Jet fighter project
E.581.5   Jet fighter project
E.583   Night fighter project
E.625   Ar 240 development project
Transport project
E.651   Heavy fighter project
Heavy fighter project
Ar I   Night fighter project (also known as NJ-1)
Ar II Josha Hildwine Night fighter project
TEW 16/43-13 Ronnie Olsthoorn Rocket fighter project
TEW 16/43-15   Mixed propulsion fighter project
TEW 16/43-19   Kyle Scott Jet bomber/nightfighter project
TEW 16/43-23   Jet fighter project