WWII German Aircraft Projects List
Arado Blohm & Voss BMW Daimler Benz Dornier Focke-Wulf Gotha
Heinkel Henschel Horten Junkers Lippisch Messerschmitt Various
This is an attempt to catalog every WWII German aircraft project undertaken from 1933-1945. If the Project listing is highlighted, click on the link to go to the Luft '46 entry on that aircraft project. If there are LuftArt images, the artist's name is listed along with a link to view that art.
Note: sometimes a project will have seperate listings for each project admendment (i.e. Bv P.188.01-Bv P.188.04) and sometimes one number will include all admendments (i.e. Ar E.555 is listed once, but there are actually over 10 sub-projects). This was done to accommodate the Luft '46 entries already on the website. Please write to djohnson@visi.net if there are questions. 
Please note that at this time only Arado - Dornier are completed.

Blohm & Voss
Note:  Blohm & Voss used the prefix 'P' for Projekt (Project) for their project designations
Project LuftArt Notes
P.1   Single seat fighter
P.4   Single seat trainer (Ha 136 development)
P.5   General purpose
P.6   Dive bomber (Ha 137 development)
P.7   Biplane dive bomber
P.8   Flying boat
P.9   Flying boat (twin boom)
P.10   General purpose
P.11   Carrier based dive bomber (Ha 137 development)
P.12   Flying boat
P.13   Flying boat (twin hull)
P.14   Reconnaissance flying boat
P.15   Float Plane (Ha 139 development)
P.16   Float Plane (Ha 139 development)
P.17   Float Plane (Ha 139 development)
P.18   Asymmetric fighter
P.19   Reconnaissance (Ha 139 development)
P.20   Bomber (Ha 139 development)
P.21   General purpose
P.22   Fighter
P.23   P.22 development w/increased wing span
P.24   Fighter/trainer for Japan
P.25   Dive bomber
P.27   Dive Bomber
P.28   Rotating wing twin boom aircraft
P.29   Passenger aircraft
P.33   Long range bomber
P.37   Float Plane and torpedo fighter (Ha 139 development)
P.38   Land version of Ha 139 w/increased wing span
P.39   Bomber
P.40   Asymmetric ground attacker aircraft
P.41   Improved version of Ha 137
P.42   Flying boat (twin boom)
P.43   Flying boat
P.44   Asymmetric reconnaissance aircraft
P.45   Passenger transport w/rocket-assisted takeoff
P.46   Ha 142 passenger aircraft development
P.47   Passenger transport w/rocket-assisted takeoff
P.48   Bomber version of Ha 142 for Japan
P.49   Passenger float plane
P.50   Freight float plane
P.51   Freight float plane
P.52   Passenger float plane
P.53   Passenger float plane
P.54   Passenger flying boat (BV 222 development)
P.55   Improved version of Ha 140
P.56   Seaplane dive bomber
P.57   Flying boat
P.58   Naval dive bomber
P.59   Dive and torpedo bomber
P.60   Flying boat
P.61   Improved version of Ha 138
P.62   Asymmetric dive bomber
P.63   Fast bomber
P.64   Long range aircraft
P.65   Attack version of Ha 141
P.66   Naval dive bomber
P.67   Mine laying aircraft
P.68   Mine layer version of BV 222
P.69   Target drone
P.70   Fast bomber
P.71   Bomber/heavy fighter
P.72   Attack version of Ha 141
P.73   Bomber w/pusher propellers
P.74   Multipurpose version of Ha 141
P.75   Multipurpose version of Ha 141
P.76   Long range reconnaissance version of BV 222
P.77   Long range reconnaissance version of BV 222
P.78   Long range floatplane
P.79   Long range floatplane
P.80   Transoceanic aircraft w/twin floats
P.81   Long range aircraft
P.83   Trans-atlantic aircraft
P.84   Long range aircraft
P.85   Trans-atlantic aircraft
P.86   Trans-atlantic aircraft
P.88   Long range heavy fighter
P.89   Long range heavy fighter
P.90   Long range heavy fighter
P.92   Passenger aircraft
P.94   Improved BV 138
P.95   BV 222 development
P.96   BV 222 development
P.97   BV 222 development
P.98   BV 222 development
P.99   BV 222 development
P.100   Target drone
P.101   Target drone
P.103   Asymmetric airliner
P.104   Airliner w/tail-mounted propeller
P.105   BV 222 development
P.106   BV 222 development
P.107   BV 222 development
P.108   BV 138 development
P.109   BV 138 development
P.110   BV 138 development
P.111   Assymetric BV 138 development
P.112   Assymetric BV 138 development
P.113   Assymetric seaplane
P.114   BV 141 heavy fighter version
P.116   BV 222 development
P.117   BV 222 development
P.118   BV 222 development
P.119   BV 222 development
P.122   Maritime patrol floatplane
P.123   Twin hull patrol flying boat
P.124   Maritime patrol flying boat
P.125   Maritime patrol floatplane
P.127   Single seat fighter
P.128   Asymmetric single seat fighter
P.129   Fighter
P.131   Airliner w/tail-mounted propeller
P.134   Fast bomber w/pusher propeller
P.135   Asymmetric fast bomber
P.138   Long range reconnaissance flying boat
P.139   Flying boat
P.140   Passenger aircraft
P.141   Asymmetric passenger aircraft
P.142   Passenger aircraft w/rotating wing
P.143   Passenger aircraft w/rotating wing
P.144 Andreas Otte Maritime patrol aircraft
P.145   Maritime twin float patrol aircraft
P.146   P.144 development for DLH
P.147   P.142 development for transport
P.148   Flying boat
P.149   Flying boat
P.150   Trans-atlantic flying boat w/pressurized cabin
P.155   Asymmetric dive bomber
P.160   Trans-atlantic flying boat
P.161   Land version of BV 238
P.162   Bomber
P.163   Bomber/heavy fighter
P.164   Asymmetric fast bomber
Asymmetric fast bomber
P.166   Fast bomber
P.167   Twin BV 250 land version
P.168 Richard Pawling Asymmetric fighter/bomber
P.170 Kevin Wafer Fast bomber
P.171   Fast bomber
P.172   Dive bomber
P.173   Long range bomber
P.174   Glider bomb
P.175   Parasite fighter
P.176   BV 237 armored version
P.177   Asymmetric jet fighter/bomber
P.178 Josha Hildwine Asymmetric jet fighter/bomber
P.179   Asymmetric fighter/bomber
P.180   Fighter/bomber w/rotating wing
P.181   Fighter/bomber
P.182   Fighter/bomber
P.183   Long range patrol aircraft
P.184 Richard Pawling Long range patrol aircraft
P.185   Ground attack aircraft
P.186   Glider fighter
P.187   Land version of BV 222
P.188.01 Tor Pedersen Jet bomber w/compound swept wing
P.188.02   Jet bomber w/compound swept wing
P.188.03   Jet bomber w/compound swept wing
P.188.04   Jet bomber w/compound swept wing
P.190   Single seat jet fighter
P.191   Flak suppression aircraft
P.192   Ground attack aircraft
P.193 Josha Hildwine Ground attack aircraft w/pusher propeller
P.194  Gino Marcomini Asymmetric mixed propulsion ground attacker aircraft
P.195   High altitude fighter w/ turbo supercharger
P.196   Twin boom jet ground attack aircraft
P.197 Manuel Reza Single seat jet fighter
P.198   High altitude jet fighter
P.199   High altitude jet fighter
P.200   Trans-atlantic passenger flying boat
P.201   High altitude rocket powered interceptor
P.202   Swing wing jet fighter
P.203   Night/heavy fighter w/ mixed propulsion
P.204 Josha Hildwine Ground attack aircraft w/ mixed propulsion
P.205   BV 155 development
P.206   Long range bomber
P.207.02 Tor Pedersen Fighter w/ pusher propeller
P.207.03 Daniele Sabatini Fighter w/ pusher propeller
P.208 Andreas Otte Tailless fighter w/pusher propeller
P.209.01   Tailless jet fighter
P.209.02   Single seat forward swept wing jet fighter
P.210 Andreas Otte Tailless jet fighter
P.211.01   Swept wing jet fighter
P.211.02 Andreas Otte 1944 "Volksjäger" project submission
P.212 Mario Merino
Tor Pedersen
Tailless jet fighter
P.213   Pulse jet miniature fighter
P.214   Piloted tailless flying bomb
P.215 Andreas Otte Tailless jet night fighter
P.217   Unconfirmed project number for the Ae 607
Asymmetric dive bomber ( BV 237 )
Ae 607 Josha Hildwine Flying wing single seat fighter
MGRP Richard Pawling Manually controlled rocket Mistel